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Steelflex 6800 HRC Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Not much of a story to tell after the Lifetime warranty. You are better off with Vision or Lifefitness in this range. Even Smooth makes more sense in this range than Steelflex.

Overall Quality

We know they put a commercial warranty on this treadmill but it is time for a brain scan to see if there is any activity if you believe that this treadmill will hold up under commercial use. We wouldn?t expect it to hold up long-term in home use if you have a runner on it. If you ever need parts, you are more likely to have a home on the moon than to get the parts you need.


Walking Area 8
Power 6
Cushioning 6
Reliability 3.8
Noise Level 6.2
Quality 4.8
Value 3.6
Warranty 0