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Steelflex 6600 HRC Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

In the $2500 range, look at Lifefitness, Vision, or Landice, not Steelflex. We have been saying for years that if you buy at the high end of a new company, you get what you deserve. Some brands like Smooth are really coming on in this range, but Smooth is one of the largest specialty home brands in the fitness business now so they start to make some sense, not Steelflex.

Overall Quality

Keep looking over your shoulder if you put this in light institutional use because someone is going to hire the mob to repay you for your help. Don?t even consider it for home use... there are too many other good treadmills out there for $2500.


Walking Area 6.2
Power 6
Cushioning 6
Reliability 3.8
Noise Level 6.2
Quality 4.8
Value 4.8
Warranty 0