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Elliptical Reviews - Brand & Index
Elliptical Name: Spirit XE 550
Editor’s Note:

You can find better ellipticals but they are typically $1000 to $2000 more.

MSRP: $1699
Strengths: Solid Drive system
Weakness: You will have to buy a new wheel track cover if you step on it too many times.
Reliability: 6
Noise Level: 8
Value: 10
Warranty: 8
Quality: 6
Ergomonics: 8
Overall Rating : 7.67
Review Comments:

It was hard to image us giving a Spirit a good review since they were taken over by Dyaco, but the new Spirit lineup is a home run.  We would expect them to come to their senses next year with a price increase.  The XE 150, XE 350, and XE 500 are essentially the same machine with variations in cosmetics and electronics.


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