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New Spirit Elliptical Reviews

Spirit XE 100

The price increase doesn't help the value of this unit. Spirit pushed though a major price increa...

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Spirit XE 200

While Spirit didn't really increase the quality of this unit from last year, they dramatically in...

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Spirit XE 300

A smaller price increase and a big increase in the warranty makes this an acceptable value. The X...

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Older Spirit Reviews

Reviewed in 2017

Spirit XE 195

The Spirit XE 195 is a solid machine with decent quality and a good warranty. Unfortunately the ...

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Spirit XE 295

The XE 295 is a decent quality, overpriced elliptical that really doesn't give you the features y...

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Spirit XE 395

Spirit is a "Solid Buy" for the warranty and added features.

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Spirit XE 795

Put XE795 anywhere you like - No power required!

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Spirit XE 895

Buying a Spirit elliptical for $3K is ridiculous. This is really a unit designed for Apartments ...

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Reviewed in 2015

Spirit XE795

The Spirit XE795 is essentially the Sole E55 for $600 more. No this is not a joke, this is real.

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Spirit XG200

The XG200 is a novel design for a 'spinning' elliptical that has never really taken off. Somet...

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Reviewed in 2012

Spirit CE 800s

The Spirit CE 800 is a good machine, but why not just buy a Sole E98 which is very similar for $4...

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Spirit EL-555s

The Spirit EL-555 is a strong value, especially when you consider the Costco return policy. The ...

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Spirit XE 285s

The Spirit XE 285 is the 3rd runner up in the $1499 category. Spirit has a long track record of ...

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Spirit XE 150

The bottom of the Spirit elliptical lineup.

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Spirit XE 350

This is an instance where a foreign company is charging too little for their product.

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Spirit XE 550

You can find better ellipticals but they are typically $1000 to $2000 more.

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Reviewed in 2011

Spirit XE400

This is a quality unit with a big warranty.The XE 400 is a decent machine but we would make sure ...

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Spirit XE500

Spirit has given itself a way to differentiate itself from Sole with its warranty. A big warranty...

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Spirit XE700

The light commercial elliptical of Spirit's lineup. Spirit it trying to put some difference betwe...

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Reviewed in 2010

Spirit EL 1

The Esprit EL1 is an elliptical better off forgotten. You can get units from Sole and Smooth for...

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Spirit EL 3

The EL3 is a good elliptical at a decent value. The EL 3 is based on Spirit's award winning ellip...

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Spirit EL 5

The EL5 is a competitive elliptical at $1699. Good quality and good value. The only problem is ...

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Spirit EL 7

The EL7 is a very good elliptical at an average price. If Spirit could lower the price on these ...

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Who Manufacturers Spirit Ellipticals?

General Information:Spirit Fitness is a company that was started in the early 80's and has produced many types of products and started producing fitness products in the late 80's. They are known for product innovation. Their treadmills are typically mid-priced. Dyaco International purchased Spirit years ago and all of their production is offshore. The quality has been improving and Dyaco has made a huge investment in the Spirit brand.

Manufacturing Philosophy:The once totally US owned factory is now a subsidiary of Dyaco, who hails from Taiwan. The practice of putting decent parts in their treadmills has continued once again and they are trying to fill the value segment with many decent choices. With heavy competition from Icon and Horizon, it will be interesting to see how they do.

Company Outlook : Dyaco has poured quite a bit of money into the Spirit brand to revitalize it and the results are showing. Their move to a more value oriented business should help their results.