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Sole TT8 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A very solid treadmill if you need it for a light institutional model but for the home, it doesn't make sense.

Sole TT8 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.85

The bouquets

Great motor packing a powerful punch

Power producing capability of this massive 4 HP motor is of a very high order, and you can add $1,000 to get anything superior. Extreme athletes can run the distance maxing at 12 mph with barely a whisper coming out of the deck. Noise reduction properties are excellent.

Wider and longer running surface suiting extreme users

The running surface measuring 22" x 60" offers an acre of space as wide and as long as professional runners would love it to be. This is a good 2" wider than the standard belt common in superior models.

The large 4 HP motor and the expansive belt combine mellifluously to produce a harmonious workout, and runners can stretch the limits of their endurance without batting an eyelid.

Reversible deck

The reversibility feature presents you two surfaces; deck longevity is doubled and you enjoy added protection of a lifetime warranty.

Incline options give you some variety

Enables the user to vary his routine by adjusting inclines maxing at 15% to simulate uphill running conditions in the great outdoors.

And the criticisms...

Warranty doesn't match higher price tag

Labor is covered for 2 years; parts covered for 5 years; and the motor, deck, and frame are covered for life. Some others in this range have a better warranty.

Cushioning could have been better at this price point

Cushioning does give some degree of protection to limb and life but nowhere near what one would expect at this price point. In fact treadmills priced at the lower end of the spectrum are offering more forgiving surfaces.

Preset workout programs are too few at such a high price

Something as modest as 10 preset workout programs is likely to disappoint serious runners and professional trainers that are accustomed to handling an average of 24 to 30 programs in gym practice.

Large machine that does not fold

Unit measurements of 83" L x 37" W x 57" H make this a relatively large machine likely to make smaller homes and apartments more cramped.

Our final verdict

The Sole TT8 is a solid, reliable and durable model that will not disappoint the user, especially the dedicated professional. But when it comes to pricing, something is drastically wrong. The Sole S77 offers similar features at a cheaper price.

If you go with the S77 model you get the same motor, same belt size, and many of the same features for HUNDREDS less.