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New Sole Treadmill Reviews

Sole F65

The Sole F65 Folding Treadmill goes up to 12 MPH and has a 15% incline with a 22" tread. See our ...

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Sole S77

For those who don't want their running experience to be complicated or distracting, the Sole S77 ...

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Sole TT8

The Sole TT8 Treadmill is excellent for heavy training and intense conditioning, reducing strain ...

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Sole F80

The F80 treadmill is great for moderate running, walking, or hiking with an incline of up to 15%....

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Sole F85

The Sole F85 Treadmill has an impressive 4.0 HP motor and a 375 lb. weight limit, making it bette...

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Sole F63

The 2nd Sole F63 has a sturdy build and a good warranty but lacks in programs and customer suppor...

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Older Sole Reviews

Reviewed in 2020

Sole TT9

While we like the Sole TT9, there are a few things that may keep you from making this model your ...

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Reviewed in 2018

Sole F83

This is one of those models that gets stuck in between price points. The F85 is the folding trea...

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Sole S73

The kissing cousin of the heart of the Sole lineup in a non-folding version.

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Reviewed in 2017

Sole F63

Sole's F63 has one of the best builds and features that will enhance your workout. Read the full ...

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Reviewed in 2015

Sole F60

The Sole F60 is a folding treadmill with built-in programs. It has a bigger tread area perfect fo...

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Who Manufacturers Sole Treadmills?

General Information:Sole Fitness is a company that sells decent quality treadmills and ellipticals that are built for them by Dyaco International. These machines are primarily sold at Dick's Sporting Goods, Sole's website, and on various mass-market websites like Amazon.com. Sole has quickly established their brand as a good value alternative and they have very broad distribution. They have blanketed the web with so many people promoting them it is hard to turn around on the web without bumping into them. Just remember that the majority of the people promoting them are affiliate sites.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Sole Fitness is putting good components on their machines which makes perfect sense since they are putting such a long warranty on it. They are trying to sell their machines at a value price with a high end warranty and the result is quite good. We would expect another strong year for Sole.

Company Outlook : From a startup just a few years ago to putting treadmills for rent in hotels all over the USA, Sole Fitness has quickly established itself as a mass-market player in the USA. The line is in need of a redesign just to bring the product up to today's standards but as happens with companies that achieve a good measure of success, it is easy to rest upon your laurels.