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Sole F85 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The best foldup on the planet just gets better! The Best Buy winner for the best foldup. The best you can do in the fold up field.

Sole F85 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 7.75

An excellent upgrade with many new features. Sole has done a great job with the F85 this is one to strongly consider if you are a runner and need a foldup.

At $1,999.99, this is a very solid treadmill at a relatively reasonable price. We gave it our Best Buy award in the foldup category. If you want a good treadmill that you can fold for extra room, without spending ridiculous amounts of money, give this model a look.

The walking area is quite large, at 22" x 60". If you need a wide running space, this treadmill will be able to accommodate you. Not many treadmills offer this much size with their belt, and for bigger users this is important. Trying to use a smaller area to run will cause you to alter your stride and can lead to injuries.

The motor in this machine is good, especially for the price range. You'll find a few sub-$3,000 treadmills with motors capable of generating a similar amount of power, but not many. There are also several more expensive models whose motors wouldn't stack up well against the one in the Sole F85.

The cushioning system is okay. There are a few treadmills sold for less than $1,000 that offer comparable impact resistance, but it's not bad. It's way easier on your back and joints than running on pavement, but it obviously wasn't a point of focus with this model.

We expect this treadmill to be pretty reliable. It should last as long as you would expect for a machine of its price. There a select few models that are priced lower than this one that may last longer, but there are even that cost $3,000 or more that wouldn't compare favorable to this treadmill, in that regard.

The warranty is really good for the price. Although we're seeing a trend that may be raising the industry standard for treadmill warranties, there are still several companies that are behind the curve. Sole is not one of those companies. With this model, the warranty covers labor for 2 years; electronics and wear items for 5 years; and the frame, deck, and motor for life.