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Sole E95 Elliptical Review


The Sole E95 is the best machine in the Sole elliptical lineup and our 1st Runner Up Award winner for 2014.







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Overall Rating: 6.0

<strong>Sole E95 Review</strong> If you are looking for the best trainer in the Sole elliptical lineup, then the E95 will not let you down. It is by far, the manufacturer's best machine and is an upgrade from the E35 equipped with a larger flywheel and some added features. The Sole E95 is our Best Buy 2014 1<sup>st</sup> Runner Up falling a little short to the Smooth Agile DMT X2. <strong><em>The best you can get from the E95</em></strong> <strong>A massive incline feature up to 40 degrees</strong> What we like most from this trainer is its incline. Sole E95 by far has the steepest incline angle you'll find in the elliptical universe today. The competition of trainers in this price range is tough. Its 40 degree incline greatly helps the E95 in the battle of exercise machines. The intensity in your workout greatly increases with this feature. It stimulates an uphill climb when you pedal. The most you typically find on other machines is a 30 degree incline. <strong>20 to 22 inches adjustable stride length</strong> The next big thing the E95 can provide you is its adjustable stride at 20" to 22" length. With this, you can target different muscle groups, as it adjusts depending on the incline setting you set. <strong>A higher-tier 34 lb. flywheel</strong> When it comes to flywheel, the heavier the better, and the smoother your pedaling should be. In the case of the E95, it has 34 lb. flywheel that can pack more inertia to keep the drive system smoother. This weight is far superior to others considering its price ($1699). Average flywheel in this price range is 18 to 24 lbs. <strong>Enhanced features</strong> What users will appreciate in the Sole E95 is the enhanced features packed into the machine. It has nice handlebar controls which help you keep pace during workouts. It has built-in cooling fans, sound system input that's compatible with MP3 players, wireless chest strap so you can fully utilize the machine's heart-rate monitoring, and fully enhanced pedals so you'd be more comfortable while pedaling. <strong><em>Why it only sits at our 1<sup>st</sup> Runner Up</em></strong> <strong>Falls a bit short of the Smooth Agile DMT X2 with the warranty</strong> Although it has good warranty coverage for its price, the Smooth Agile DMT X2 is better. It has lifetime warranty on the frame, 2 years for labor, and 5 years on the electronics and parts. If you want longer warranty coverage, the Smooth Agile DMT X2 might be more ideal for you. <strong>Limited programs</strong> Compared to other ellipticals in this price range, this trainer is surprisingly short on pre-programmed workouts. While today's technology allows easier and better development of programs, Sole's models are a bit behind. This is a major disadvantage that they should work on considering that users prefer quantity and variety of workouts. <strong><em>Our verdict: </em></strong> There's a really tough competition when it comes to trainers in this price range. It is more in the user's preferences if they want to choose the cheaper one or the most valuable ones. At $1699, the Sole E95 is your best choice. You get Sole's flagship machine, great warranty, and excellent incline in our $1999 category.