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Sole E 25 Elliptical Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Our 2nd Runner Up in the $999 category, the Sole E25 is the standard by which all ellipticals are judged.

Sole E 25 Elliptical Review







Noise Level:










Overall Rating: 5.6

The Sole E25 is the standard by which all ellipticals are judged. We mean this literally. Due to its consistency and longevity we use the E25 as the starting point for the numbering system for all of our elliptical reviews. That alone speaks volumes about the unit.

The Sole E 25 is an extremely consistent and reliable elliptical. Due to this fact, we've based our numerical ratings on this model. This means that we thought enough of this elliptical to compare all other models to it, but it also means it doesn't really stand out among the pack. Luckily, the price is really good, which makes up for that. It was the runner up for our Best Buy award in the $700-999 category.

The ergonomics of this machine are very nice. You can find several ellipticals that sell for more than $3,000 that have a comparably natural range of motion. The adjustability is decent as well. The stride can be set at 20"-22", which is gives you a fair amount of options to fit the stride to your particular body type. These are important areas to consider, as we worry that a model that doesn't fit your natural movements correctly could cause undue strain on your joints.

The reliability is really good for this price range. You won't find many ellipticals priced this low that have a better, or even comparable, life expectancy. The quality of parts is also good. You can find parts like these in models that cost anywhere from $1,000-3,000.

The noise level is right about average. We've found this to be pretty consistent across multiple manufacturers and price ranges. If this is a major point of concern for you, there are quieter machines available, but the level of noise this elliptical makes during operation probably won't bother the average user.

The warranty isn't bad for the Sole E 25. Labor is covered for 1 year, parts and electronics are covered for 3 years, and the frame is covered for life. The coverage is good, but it's certainly nothing to change your decision over.