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Schwinn A40 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The Schwinn A40 is the proverbial turd of the elliptical market. If you want a Schwinn buy a 430 or 470 but we would recommend that you buy something from Horizon, Proform or NordicTrack.

Overall Quality

Schwinn has a great name but makes a poor elliptical design. The single roller and track design, which is popular among many manufacturers due to the ability to save costs, increases the wear on the rollers causing more frequent replacements. We have also seen numerous frame failures in this elliptical design. This is a common problem when manufacturers are using cheaper quality steel to save money as well.


Adjustability 2
Reliability 3
Noise Level 3
Value 5
Warranty 1
Quality 3
Ergonomics 3

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