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New Schwinn Elliptical Reviews

Schwinn 411

The Schwinn 411 has a minimal 53.8” length and delivers a total body workout for lucky purchasers...

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Older Schwinn Reviews

Reviewed in 2021

Schwinn A40

The Schwinn A40 elliptical has the lowest price of the ellipticals in this price class, but the A...

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Reviewed in 2018

Schwinn A45

The Schwinn A45 is very similar to the A40, and what a crappy machine that is.

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Schwinn 431

If you are looking for a Schwinn elliptical we would recommend the 450 before we would buy the 431.

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Reviewed in 2017

Schwinn 430

The Schwinn 430 has a streamlined 70” long design that will readily fit into any dedicated home w...

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Schwinn 470

The Schwinn 470 is our 2022 4th place Best Buy Winner in the $700 - $999 price range and it is fi...

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Reviewed in 2014

Schwinn 425

Quoting an Amazon customer's review the Schwinn 425 is a "total disaster of a machine".

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Schwinn 450

The Schwinn 450 is an older elliptical design. You would have thought that over the years they w...

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Reviewed in 2013

Schwinn 420

We would recommend that you look at models from Proform, NordicTrack, and Sole before buying this...

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Reviewed in 2012

Schwinn A 40s

The Schwinn A 40 gives you a great name at a low price! Frankly, that's all you get. At least w...

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Schwinn E 420s

With a name like Schwinn, you would think they would be embarrassed to try and sell this machine ...

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Schwinn E 431s

An upgraded version of the terrible E 420. A stain on Schwinn's reputation would be the kindest ...

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Schwinn 438

What where they thinking?

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Reviewed in 2011

Schwinn 460

If you want a cheap adaptable motion machine this is your only option.

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Who Manufacturers Schwinn Ellipticals?

General Information:Schwinn is part of the Nautilus Health & Fitness Group and the fitness equipment is made overseas. Nautilus has made Schwinn a focus of their elliptical and group cycling lineup but they still have a presence in the treadmill world. You can find these widely marketing on the Internet and in some mass-market stores.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy seems to be to make a decent machine and put the money where it is important, but they have been known to go cheap when you shouldn't from time to time. They give their machines a somewhat decent core drive system and then cut corners wherever possible.

Company Outlook : With the continued recession, many of the fitness companies have simply gone out of business. Nautilus was one of the ones we were worried about but with strong profit growth over the past few years, it looks like they have steadied the company and are moving in the right direction.