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Merax JK1603E Treadmill Review

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How long will the Merax JK1603E last?

Expecting the JK 1603E to last more than a few days is like expecting politicians to care about anything other than themselves and their money. It just won’t happen. The JK 1603E is built with such poor quality that we can barely even call it a treadmill. We would not recommend this machine for anyone who actually wants to exercise. You’d be better off taking your dog for a walk outside than to genuinely try using this machine.

Brief Overview

Like always with the reviews of cheap treadmills, we are going to do our best to convince you to steer clear of the JK 1603E. The low quality that this treadmill is built with is not likely to last even a few weeks. If you are on a budget, we would recommend saving a little bit more to get a treadmill that is not going to be a waste of money.

Overall Quality

Most of us have probably been to Ikea a time or two. They are sweeping the home goods department with their tiny-living inspired designs and low prices. Hopefully, though, none of us actually walk into Ikea expecting to get a real wooden dresser for the price that they sell at dressers at. We all understand that the reason the products are so cheap is that they are usually imported from mass producing countries like China and India and are not made of the best material. The only upside about Ikea is that you typically do not need the furniture for very long and it serves a good, space saving, budget-friendly purpose. Merax is similar to Ikea in their importing tendencies. Merax sells everything from pet goods and furniture to workout equipment. Their treadmills are consistently at the bottom of the price bracket but are also consistently built with cheap, imported materials. The only difference between Ikea furniture and Merax treadmills, though, is that a treadmill with such little quality such as the JK 1603E is not likely to last even a few days. You are then left with a two-hundred-dollar pile of junk instead of a budget-friendly treadmill. <br _/><br _/> Just look at how sad the JK 1603E is. To start, there is absolutely no warranty to speak of because not even the people who sell it want responsibility for it. The motor is only measured in watts which means that it is too weak to even hold up to a mileage standard. And to top it all off, the JK 1603E weighs less than sixty-four pounds. So, I guess there is one silver lining. You don’t have to worry about the JK 1603E making imprints on your carpet or rug. But when you hang your wet laundry on this model, as this is the only thing that you should use it for, just be careful not to put too much on it. The sheer weight of three wet shirts will more than likely cause the JK 1603E to tumble to the ground. <br _/><br _/> We realize that there are people who want to get healthy but do not have a big budget. If you are one of these, please save up an extra two hundred and buy a somewhat decent four-hundred-dollar treadmill. We have recommendations for treadmills in the four-hundred range that will offer you way more quality than this pile of bolts.

Things we like

  • Easy to Throw Away

Things we dislike

  • X
    Cheap Machine
  • X
    Poor Quality
  • X
    Import Company


Number of Programs 3
Heart Rate Sensor and Type Pulse grips sensors in handlebars
Speed Range 0.62 - 6.2 mph
Weight Capacity 220 Ibs
Belt Size N/A
Footprint N/A
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit 70 Ibs
Horsepower 500W
Weight of Unit 63.8 LBS
Warranty N/A
Incline/Decline Range 3 Positions


In our past reviews, we have said the JK 1603E is a sad excuse for a treadmill. We have recollected our time testing low-end treadmills and explained how this model had one of the weakest motors out of the entire bunch of cheap treadmills. We have said that the JK 1603E is a piece of junk that should have never been produced.


Overall, we wouldn’t recommend the JK 1603E even if you wanted to hang clothes on it. Merax as a company is focused on producing cheap, imported products that are not the best quality which is not good characteristics to have in a treadmill. Merax’s company culture is then evident in the low-grade, pitiful structure of the JK 1603E. Do yourself a favor and run as far away from the JK 1603E as you can.

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