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Lifecore VST-V8 Elliptical Review - $2,999.00

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  • Rating

  • Brief Overview

    While the VST-V8 is the best elliptical in the Lifecore lineup, it's still overpriced.
  • Overall Quality

    I get questions from time to time about why a certain model will be an average value one year and they next it will be overpriced and nothing has changed in that year with that particular machine. The price is the same, the machine is the same, etc. What changes is the competition is changing. Our readers need to remember that the comparisons we do on these machines involves the entire universe of ellipticals that we are reviewing. In that universe, the VST-V8 is overpriced this year.
  • Ratings

    Adjustability 6
    Reliability 5
    Noise Level 5
    Value 4
    Warranty 5
    Quality 5
    Ergonomics 5

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