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New Lifecore Elliptical Reviews

Older Lifecore Reviews

Reviewed in 2015

Lifecore VST-V4

The Lifecore VST-V4 is a strange looking machine that has a pretty good feel to it.

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Reviewed in 2014

Lifecore LC985VG

The LC985VG is a pretty good compact elliptical if you can get it for a discount off of its stand...

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Lifecore VST-V6

Paying $2299 for a Lifecore VST-V6 is insane, paying $1499 would seem like a good deal.

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Lifecore VST-V8

While the VST-V8 is the best elliptical in the Lifecore lineup, it's still overpriced.

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Reviewed in 2012

Lifecore CD 400s

In defference to the people at Lifecore, they are really nice. The CD 400 at $1999 is not.

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Lifecore CD 550s

Lifecore's CD550 is its version of Captian Ahab chasing the white whale.

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Lifecore LC 985 VGs

The LC 985 VG from Lifecore is an also-ran in a very competitive price category.

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Reviewed in 2011

Lifecore CD400

Lifecore has a real problem with unrealistic MSRPs. They need to try to price their machines clo...

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Lifecore CD500

Paying $2500 for a Lifecore elliptical is just plain silly.

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Lifecore CD600

I would laugh about the MSRP for the CD600 if I didn't know they were actually serious.

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Lifecore CD700

Frankly Lifecore has no business in the upper end of the elliptical market. They should leave it...

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Reviewed in 2010

Lifecore LC1000z

A pricey, but compact elliptical.

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Lifecore LC2000

A pricey, but compact elliptical.

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Lifecore LC3000

A solid elliptical that is a poor value.

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Lifecore LC4000

Solid machine for way too much money.

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Lifecore LC5000

If you are looking to spend this amount of money you should be spending it with True or LifeFitness.

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Reviewed in 2009

Lifecore LC800

This is not a bad little unit, but just not worth the money compared to Nordictrack.

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Lifecore LC990

The LC990 is a unit that is stuck in an obscure price point, we would stick with the LC800 if we ...

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Lifecore LC-985 ZVG

Looking for the best in home treadmill? Check out the Treadmill Doctor's Lifecore treadmill revie...

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Who Manufacturers Lifecore Ellipticals?

General Information:Lifecore started out as a retailer and has moved into the import business. We have known the people behind the brand for years and they have always been people who try to provide good service for customers so it will be an interesting story to watch.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their philosophy seems to be to make a decent machine and price it at a value position. We would expect these to have an adequate service record, especially if you maintain the equipment.

Company Outlook : We had speculated on Lifecore being able to weather the shakeout in the fitness retail market. Apparently they felt that it was better to have strength in numbers and merged with Diamondback. Hopefully two are better than one.