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Bowflex TC10 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The opening model in the TreadClimber lineup. Other than some ill fitting parts and some complaints about the belt size, it is an okay machine and a heck of a workout. A good alternative for a strenuous treadmill workout is one of the Incline Trainers from Icon. We have had reports from consumers this year about cheaper parts so watch out there.

Overall Quality

This is the smart choice in the TreadClimber lineup (and we are using the word "smart" loosely when associating it with the TreadClimber brand). Not great but not bad and it gives you a workout that cannot be replicated on a regular treadmill. You would probably be better off with an Incline Trainer though from NordicTrack, even though they have had their share of issues too. One customer we spoke with had four motor replacements in two years on her TC10 before she gave up and bought an incline trainer.


Walking Area 4
Power 4
Cushioning 8
Reliability 4.1
Noise Level 4.7
Quality 2.5
Value 2.3
Warranty 3.9