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Reviewed in 2014

AFG 18.1 AXT

The AFG 18.1 AXT is a unique design with a surprising feel. Good quality and features just add t...

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AFG 2.0 AE

A barely adequate elliptical if you are paying $999. We would wait for a sale. The 2.0 AE shoul...

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AFG 3.0 AE

The AFG 3.0 AE is scraping the bottom of the AFG barrel in our opinion. We would suggest that yo...

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AFG 3.1 AE

The AFG 3.1 AE is a solid, if unspectacular elliptical for the money.

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AFG 4.0 AE

The AFG 4.0 AE is a fundamentally solid machine with a good value.

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AFG 4.1 AE

The AFG 4.1AE is the best of the standard AFG elliptical designs and a good value for the money. ...

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Reviewed in 2013

AFG 18.0 AXT

The 18.0 AXT is our 2nd Runner Up winner in the $2499 category.

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Reviewed in 2012

AFG 18.1 AXTs

Good quality, with a reasonable price makes this a good choice from AFG. The only problem with t...

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AFG 3.1 AEs

Our 3rd runner up in the $999 category, the 3.1AE is a lesser known cousin of the LiveStrong elli...

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AFG 4.1 AEs

Our 2nd runner up in the $1299 category, the AFG 4.1AE is based on its cousin brand - LiveStrong....

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Who Manufacturers AFG Ellipticals?

General Information:Johnson really made a push with the AFG line just as the specialty fitness dealer market was collapsing. They have tried to make some moves with Sears and online but this looks like it will never be a major brand. The quality is there because it is engineered and built by the same people who make the Vision line but it is a relatively unknown fitness brand. For that reason, you can usually get a good deal on these.

Manufacturing Philosophy:We visited the headquarters and major factory outside of Shanghai and found that Johnson is the most integrated manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. This can be both good and bad. The good is that you are in control of almost all aspects of production. The bad is that you are in control of almost all aspects of production- if you mess up there is no one else to blame. They are focused on doing things the right way so it appears that this is a case where it is good overall. We were impressed with their quality procedures and design and testing processes and the reviews will reflect these facts.

Company Outlook : Johnson has established themselves as one of the largest and most stable companies in this business and they certainly have their act together so we have confidence in their ongoing product support of all the lines that they produce.