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AFG 4.1 AE Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The AFG 4.1AE is the best of the standard AFG elliptical designs and a good value for the money. Our 2nd Runner Up winner for 2014.

Overall Quality

<strong>AFG 4.1 AE Review</strong> Making it to become one of our Best Buys in the $1499 category is a tough competition. The AFG 4.1 AE trainer has proven to us its worth, thus making it to our 2<sup>nd</sup> Runner Up winner for 2014. <strong><em>The key features of the AFG 4.1 AE</em></strong> <strong>Equipped with a heavy-duty flywheel</strong> What makes the 4.1 AE our 2<sup>nd</sup> Runner Up is the 30-pound flywheel it's equipped with. This is already considered an above-average flywheel considering that the usual weight of flywheel you can see on trainers in this price range is around 18 to 24 pounds. With this, the AFG 4.1 AE is already one of those ellipticals that can provide a better workout experience. The heavier your flywheel is, the smoother your workout should be. <strong>Has a cool Nike + iPod workout tracking</strong> What users will mostly like from this machine is the added Nike + iPod workout tracking system. If you have an iPod, you can save your workout data using it and track your progress from But remember you have to own an iPod or iPhone to fully utilize this feature. Other devices aside from these are not supported. <strong>Uses the MAXtone pedaling system</strong> Comfortable workout is usually what people look from exercise machines. This is a major advantage in the case of 4.1 AE. It uses the unique arched design of the MAXtone pedals shaping and slimming your leg muscles while working out. This helps your foot follow a flow-through motion that eliminates the "tingling foot" sensation found in most ellipticals while providing you additional traction. <strong>MP3 support</strong> Music lovers would totally enjoy working out while listening to their favorite music. The 4.1 AE is compatible with any MP3 player which is pretty awesome considering the price range. <strong>Decent warranty coverage</strong> While it offers a heavy-duty flywheel, you can also count on the trainer's warranty coverage. At $1349, a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on parts, and 2 years on labor, is already a pretty awesome deal for an elliptical. This just shows that the manufacturer is really confident on the quality of their product. <strong><em>The missing feature</em></strong> <strong>Fixed stride</strong> The major downside we found in the AFG 4.1 AE is the non-adjustable stride it uses. It is only fixed at 20 inches which is pretty disappointing. This might be the reason why this trainer is 150 bucks cheaper than our best buy winner and 1<sup>st</sup> runner up. If I were the manufacturer, I would cut off even 200 bucks more just to compensate for the lack of adjustable stride. You might also just consider those in our best buy $1000 category if you want a solid adjustable stride on a trainer. <strong><em>All in all: </em></strong> The lack of adjustable stride length of the AFG 4.1 AE really punishes its overall standard. If you are a fan of AFG models, you better get the 3.1 AE instead. Aside from this, this elliptical is pretty good, only it is not a multi-user machine.


Adjustability 4
Reliability 5
Noise Level 5
Value 6
Warranty 6
Quality 5
Ergonomics 5

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