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AFG 4.1 AE Elliptical Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Less of a value with the price increase, the 4.1 AE is still a decent buy for the money. Our 3rd Runner Up Winner in the $1499 category.

AFG 4.1 AE Elliptical Review







Noise Level:










Overall Rating: 5.6

If you want an AFG we would consider looking at the 3.1AE or perhaps comparing it to offerigns from Livestrong which are very similar.

The AFG 4.1 AE is a pretty good elliptical. The price has increased to $1,349, but it remains competitive in its new price range. The 3.1 AE can save you $350 and offers very similar quality, so you may want to consider that model instead. Still, the 4.1 AE is the 3rd runner up for our Best Buy award in the $1,300-1,499 price range.

The ergonomics of the machine are fairly average, which is disappointing at this price. You can find sub-$1,000 ellipticals that offer a more natural range of motion. The adjustability is decent. Unfortunately, the stride length is fixed at 20". This gives some less expensive models a clear competitive advantage over this one. We would like to see more focus in this area, as we are concerned that poor ergonomics and adjustability can lead to undue stress on joints for those that use ellipticals.

The projected reliability of this elliptical is good. You usually have to be willing to spend an extra $1,000 or more to find a model with a longer life expectancy than this one has. The quality of parts used is also notable. In this price range, you're not going to see a machine that uses better parts.

The noise level is standard. You can find some models that are quieter during operation, but most of them make about the same amount of noise. The average user won't find this to be bothersome, but if it's a major concern for you, you can definitely do better than this model.

The warranty on the AFG 4.1 AE is pretty good. Labor is covered for 2 years, parts are covered for 5 years, and the frame is covered for life. This is a pretty common amount of coverage, so it neither displays confidence or a lack thereof.