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Xterra TRX 1000 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Xterra TRX 1000 last?

Like we say time and time again, the less digits on the price tag usually means less quality that is put in the treadmill. Even though the Xterra TRX 1000 has made our 2021 Best Buy list for the $400 to $699 dollar range, it is still in the lower price range. Since this model has a smaller price tag, Xterra could only afford to put so much quality into it. And looking at the overall build of the TRX 1000, they didn’t use the majority of their budget on the structure. Consequently, we image that the TRX 1000 will be best suited for a light, casual walker for maybe two years.

Brief Overview

Our Fourth Place 2021 Best Buy for the $400 to $699 is not a remarkable machine, but it will do in a pinch. When you get down to this lower price range, there is not much quality to work with but the Xterra TRX 1000 has a few features that help it to stand out. The few programs, warranty, and other features help to make the TRX 1000 a contender in this price range.

Overall Quality

Whether you have a kid who is starting out driving or you aren’t too far from those years when you had your first vehicle, you may remember the process of buying the vehicle. Since there isn’t much of a driving record to speak of, a nice, new car would not be the first choice. Instead, an older, cheap car that is good on gas mileage and isn’t too beat up would be great; and a seat warmer wouldn’t hurt. The Xterra TRX 1000 is kind of like that first car that BARELY meets this criterion. For starters, the build on this treadmill will probably only be strong enough for a light walker. As for the features, this model has a measly three manual incline settings. That means you do not have the nice button that will raise you. Instead, each time you want to increase your workout you will need to stop, get off, adjust the incline, and then start back. But if you are just a casual walker that may not be a big hold up. The other feature of the Xterra TRX 1000 that we are not thrilled about is the smaller walking area. Unlike our other top treadmills for this price range, the Xterra TRX 1000 only comes with a 16 x 50 walking belt - that is adds up to about nine inches less of walking space. For the same price you could get a little more wiggle room.

Still, the Xterra TRX 1000 is not all bad. Xterra had a pretty small budget to make this machine so affordable but still chose to include ten levels of incline and EKG sensor grips. Additionally, this model has a lifetime frame, one-year motor, 90-Day deck, parts, and labor warranty. Our other top treadmills in this price range have better warranties, but the Xterra TRX 1000 at least has a warranty. Though it is not much to write home about, this warranty does add some value to the Xterra TRX 1000. Much like that first car, the Xterra TRX 1000 may get you from point A to B but we would recommend looking at out other 2021 Best Buys for the $400 to $699 dollar range before you decide on our Fourth Place.

Things we like

  • Good Warranty
  • Some Workouts

Things we dislike

  • X
    3 Manual Incline
  • X
    Not the Best Build
  • X
    Smaller Walking Area


Pre-Programmed Workouts 12
Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG Grip Monitors
Horsepower 2.25
Speed Levels 10
Incline/Decline Range 3 Manual
Weight Capacity 250
Walking Area 16 x 50
Folds Yes
Unit Weight 101 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 1 Y Motor, 90 Day Deck, Parts, and Labor


The Treadmill Doctor reviewed the TRX 1000 in 2020 and it also made our 4th place spot in the $400 to $699 best buy list.


Our 2021 Best Buy Fourth Place for the $400 to $699 is not the most incredible treadmill on the market or even for this price range. But, if this is your budget, then the Xterra TRX 1000 may have a few redeeming features like the warranty, speed, and preprogrammed workouts. Even still, we would only recommend the TRX 1000 for a light, casual user.

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Frank - Don't buy Jul 22, 2020

Do not buy mine broke in less than a year. They wanted me to buy parts for $250 when I purchased it less them a year ago for $325. The customer service is a joke left on hold I was told Stanford the supervisor would call me back of course he did not. After 5 phone calls, Stanford the so-called supervisor came to the phone and was rude would not tell me his mangers name after I asked several times. Don't waste your money buy another company's treadmill that is made better and has a customer service department.