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Xterra TR3.0 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Steer clear of this model and go with one of the 6 series if you want an Xterra machine. Too many corners were cut to get the price to the rock bottom level.

Overall Quality

Cheaper parts are used to get the price down but it is not a bad deal for $800. We really suggest putting a couple hundred more with it and getting a much better treadmill. This is another Dyaco make and just like the versions that they made in the past for Spirit and Sole, at $800, you can't make a good treadmill and Dyaco hasn't made an exceptionally good treadmill for $800 yet. They keep trying but just like the umpire told me when I was playing little league...a swing and a miss!


Walking Area 7.1
Power 4
Cushioning 5.1
Reliability 4.6
Noise Level 4.1
Quality 3.2
Value 4.7
Warranty 3.5