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Xterra TR3.0 Treadmill Review - $799.00

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  • Rating

  • Brief Overview

    Steer clear of this model and go with one of the 6 series if you want an Xterra machine. Too many corners were cut to get the price to the rock bottom level.
  • Overall Quality

    Cheaper parts are used to get the price down but it is not a bad deal for $800. We really suggest putting a couple hundred more with it and getting a much better treadmill. This is another Dyaco make and just like the versions that they made in the past for Spirit and Sole, at $800, you can't make a good treadmill and Dyaco hasn't made an exceptionally good treadmill for $800 yet. They keep trying but just like the umpire told me when I was playing little league...a swing and a miss!
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 7.1
    Power 4
    Cushioning 5.1
    Reliability 4.6
    Noise Level 4.1
    Quality 3.2
    Value 4.7
    Warranty 3.5

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