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Xterra TR150 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Xterra TR150 last?

If you are paying this price for a treadmill, do not expect too much. Companies can only put so much money into a product that is going to be so cheap. We would really only recommend the TR150 for a light walker if we have to recommend the TR150 at all.

Brief Overview

Cheap treadmills are not usually machines that we would recommend period. But, if you must buy a treadmill, the Xterra TR150 is not a complete waste. There are a few attributes that help the TR150 treadmill stand out which is why we have named it our First Place 2021 Best Buy for the $399 and Under category.

Overall Quality

Let us just preface this review by saying we really do not like to recommend such cheap treadmills. Your best bet if you are on a budget is to save up and buy a better machine next year. Or, you could find a gym that averages out to about $400 a year because that is basically what you will be doing with any treadmill under $700 dollars- buying cheap treadmill year after year.

But the Xterra TR150 is not all bad. If you are wanting to try out a treadmill for the first time, then the TR150 may be an okay starter. This treadmill comes with features that are not necessarily standard for treadmills under $500. For instance, The TR150 comes with EKG heart rate grips instead of the cheaper thumb plate option. Additionally, the build on the Xterra TR150 is not complete trash. But the main feature that we like about the TR150 is the warranty. Xterra makes pretty solid machines when they have enough money. Even though this treadmill is not the best, the TR150 was still made by a decent company. There is evidence of Xterra’s company quality in the TR150’s warranty because the TR150 actually has the best warranty among our top four treadmills for this price.

But of course, we are talking about a very cheap treadmill. Outside of the lack of quality that comes for this price, we also do not like the Xterra TR150’s speed and incline capability. Would it really have killed them to add one more speed setting so the TR150 could be like the other treadmills in this price range? Additionally, the TR150 has a manual incline. So think about having to stop your treadmill, get off, change the incline setting, get back on, and try and get back to where you were. Once again, gym memberships aren’t so bad.

Things we like

  • Okay Warranty
  • Not a Horrible Build

Things we dislike

  • X
    Cheap Treadmill
  • X
    3 Manual Incline Levels


Pre-Programmed Workouts 12
Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG Grip Monitors
Horsepower 2.25
Speed Levels 10
Incline/Decline Range 3 manual
Weight Capacity 250
Walking Area 16 x 50
Folds Yes
Unit Weight 97
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 1 Yr Motor, 90 Day Parts and Labor


Last year the Xterra TR150 won our Second Place 2020 Best Buy for the $399 and Under category. Overall the treadmill is the same as it reads in the current review but last year the TR150 had a harder time standing out among the competition.


To put it simply, we really don’t think you should buy such a cheap treadmill. More than likely, you will have to purchase another treadmill if you actually try and workout on the TR150. But if you must buy a cheap treadmill, the Xterra TR150 is not horrible. Accordingly, we have placed this treadmill in our First Place 2021 Best Buy slot for the $399 and Under category.

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