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Xterra AIR 350 Airbike Bike Review

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How long will the Xterra AIR 350 Airbike last?

Though we do have a few features that we like about the AIR350 Airbike, we cannot stress enough that you need to remember the price tag. When we say this is an okay bike, we mean among the cheap bikes. Xterra was only able to spend so much on the AIR350 in order to keep it under $400 dollars which means that this machine is only going to perform and last like a $300 dollar machine. The AIR350 Airbike is likely going to last the longest with a beginning, light user.

Brief Overview

For our $399 and Under category we don't have much to choose from. There are a few features that we like, but the AIR350 Airbike is really just the best of the not-so-great. Even still, we have awarded the Xterra AIR350 Airbike our First Place 2021 Best Buy Award for the $399 and Under category.

Overall Quality

Last year, we didn't find very many qualities that justified the price for the AIR350, so we placed it in Fourth Place. But this year, the competition has left us with little options and placed the AIR350 in First - yikes! Don’t get us wrong we love an airbike here at Treadmill Doctor. If you are looking for a challenging workout then airbikes are the way to go. Why? Because you are the motor and man what a motor. Each blade adds more resistance and you have to be the power source that keeps that resistant blade turning. But a bike that doesn’t require a big motor means that Xterra did not have to spend too much of their budget on a motor. So what did they spend it on? More features? Bigger screen? More warranty? Incline? NOPE. Nothing. Yes you get a decent frame and the fan structure, but if you like that then you like an airbike. So if you do like the air bike system, you could start with the AIR350 but maybe try and find it on sale.

With all that said, the AIR350 Airbike does still have a few redeeming features. First, we like Xterra. They usually make decent, durable machines. So when we see that the AIR350 Airbike doesn’t have many features, coming for Xterra, we know that they have put a good amount of quality into the frame. Mind you, we say that in the context of a cheap price range. So the AIR350 is only going to have so much, but we do have a little more trust in Xterra’s machines. Xterra also at least gave a warranty while not all bike companies do especially in this price range. Lastly, the AIR350 Airbike has the adjustable seat and a belt drive which are two qualities that we appreciate.

Things we like

  • Belt Drive
  • Resistance Capabilities
  • Better Price Among Competitors

Things we dislike

  • X
    Few Features
  • X
    Sad Warranty
  • X
    No Updates to Bike


Pre-Programmed Workouts N/A
Flywheel 6 Blade Fan
Drive System Belt
Resistance Unlimited Levels
Seat Adjustable
Heart Rate Sensor and Type N/A
Transport Wheels Yes
Footprint 48 L x 51 H x 28 W
Weight Capacity 250
Weight of Unit 77
Warranty 1 Yr Frame, 1 Yr Parts


Last year, the bikes in this category were much more impressive with their features for the price. Accordingly, the Xterra AIR350 offered few features, an average build, and an okay price. While we did not love this model, we awarded the Xterra AIR350 our Fourth Place 2020 Best Buy award for the $399 and Under Category.


We can appreciate a machine with a good build and decent quality parts, but when it comes to the simplicity of an airbike, it is hard to deny that there is not much design to be had. An airbike is an airbike. Xterra has priced their AIR350 Airbike to make it seem as though it offers numerous features and a better build, but we are not convinced. Still, there are not very many great choices in this price range. Consequently, we have labeled the Xterra AIR350 Airbike our First Place 2021 Best Buy Award for the $399 and Under category.

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