Woodway Pro Treadmill Review - $9,995.00

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  • Brief Overview

    The newest model from Woodway won't disappoint. If you get weak in the knees when you see the $10k price, consider that now, even SportsArt has a model that is north of $8k. Seems like the only areas of the market have any development at all are the very low end and the very high end.
  • Overall Quality

    New model and maybe they named it Pro because you will need to be a pro athlete in order to afford it. You won?t be disappointed but you also won?t be able to eat for at least 6 months since you won?t have any money left.
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 10
    Power 7.5
    Cushioning 10
    Reliability 8.8
    Noise Level 8.5
    Quality 7.5
    Value 3.4
    Warranty 8

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