Woodway Mecury Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Full size and good features and built like a tank (forgive us!). The upgrades to the fit and finish recently were long needed but we appreciate the effort Woodway put into the upgrade.

Overall Quality

On the current design, you will get some vibration of the console that is inherent in the rear mount design of the handrails?as you should if you only pay $8k for a treadmill...I guess if you want really good handrail design, you have to pay at least $25,000. Let's face facts. If you are buying a Woodway treadmill, you aren't buying it for the rear mount handrail design or the unusual design. You are buying it because you want something that will last or you want the low noise or the almost frictionless operation or the great cushioining but you aren't buying it for the handrails.


Walking Area 8.8
Power 7.2
Cushioning 10
Reliability 8.2
Noise Level 9.5
Quality 7.3
Value 4.4
Warranty 8