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Woodway Curve Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The first non-motorized treadmill we have reviewed. It is that big a deal. Easy to use, smooth, quiet, and you never have to worry about it breaking down. The only shortcoming is the display that you think would look right at home on a $99 exercise bike.

Overall Quality

This has all the cushioning and drive system of a Woodway without the electrical parts. Will literally last forever. The easiest manual treadmill we have ever used and once you get going, you forget it is non-motorized it moves so easily. All of that to say, they put the cheapest little LCD display on it that you have ever seen. You wonder what they were thinking because even the NordicTrack WalkFit from back in the 90's used a 5 window LCD display and that was only a $599 machine.


Walking Area 10
Power 0
Cushioning 10
Reliability 10
Noise Level 10
Quality 7.2
Value 4.6
Warranty 8

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