Woodway Curve Treadmill Review

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How long will the Woodway Curve last?

The Woodway Curve is a unique advancement in treadmill technology without all the technology. It is built with durability in mind having a weight of 335 lbs. and holding walkers up to 800 lbs. and runners up to 400 lbs. A heavy user could get years out of this non-powered machine, and we would recommend it for walkers, joggers, and even sprinters as there is no maximum speed limit. On the other hand, while the treadmill is revolutionary, the warranty is rather disheartening with only 5 years all components, 2 years battery operated display, and 1 year labor warranty. The battery operated display is also a shortcoming of the machine.

Brief Overview

The Woodway Curve is a treadmill with an innovative design that lets the user run without electricity. The curved track takes advantage of gravity and your own weight, propelling the belt with human movement, meaning users can burn up to 30% more calories when using the Woodway Curve than expected compared to average treadmill units. The Curve is designed to create an environment where the user can increase their speed as they walk up a curve and decrease it when drifting back towards its rear end. This makes this piece of equipment ideal for those who want more intensity during workouts without waiting on a machine to “catch up” and helping to push your workout past your limits.

Overall Quality

You will be able to train like a pro with the Woodway Curve revolutionary training platform. The speeds are set at your own pace and there are no limits. You’ll build up speed gradually so that you can't overdo it; yet you can reach full sprints in just few steps - making for less chance of injury or burnout than traditional treadmills. It is also unique in that the drive system has 112 precision ball bearings with 12 roller guides for stability and friction-free use.
The rubberized surface of the treadmill belt not only provides a great grip to reduce injuries, but it also absorbs shock with every step and helps you run or walk more powerfully. The combined properties of this simple machine make it popular, even among athletes. This sleek piece has been designed specifically so runners can achieve optimal gaits without having to interrupt their workout by pushing buttons to speed up or slow down. Even with the belt being shorter than most treadmills in this price range, with the Curve, you get a more natural workout without shortening your strides due to the exclusive design.

Things we like

  • motor free
  • slat belt
  • innovative design

Things we dislike

  • X
    17” wide running area
  • X


Speed Unlimited
Incline Natural Curve
Running Surface Dimensions 55.87"L x 17"W (142 x 43 cm)
User Weight Capacity Run 400 lb / Walk: 800 lb (4 mph max)
Belt Type 60 Individual Slats
Drive System 112 Precision Ball Bearings with 12 Roller Guides (4 mm Lateral Tolerance)
Running Surface 3/8"" thick shock absorbing cushion
Drive Motor Self-Propelled
Unit Weight 355 lb
Dimensions 67"L x 33"W x 66.55"H


All Components: 5 Years
Battery Operated Display: 2 Years
Labor: 1 Year


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The Woodway Curve is an amazing choice for those with a $6000 budget and the need to reduce their daily carbon footprint on earth. Unparalleled in its simplicity, this machine offers an electric-free, high intensity workout with the additional benefit of being low maintenance. It is incredibly easy to use and both beginners and heavy users will benefit from the additional lower body workout promised by this power-free treadmill. Many companies have copied this design and now offer a similar experience at a discount. We don’t have long-term durability on the others though.