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Weslo Momentum R 4.2 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The Momentum R 4.2 is OK but we like the offerings from Gold's Gym better.

Overall Quality

<strong>Weslo Momentum R 4.2</strong> <strong> We always recommend that you spend at least $500 for an elliptical to avoid wasting your money. If you can afford that much then we recommend you join one of these $20 per month gyms. The Momentum R 4.2 is a decent effort but the designers of this machine were fighting a loosing battle when the executive in charge told them what it would be selling for $227. </strong> <strong>Momentum R 4.2</strong> is OK machine, if you will not use it regularly. If you will, it will start giving you mechanical problems and unbearable squeaking sound after a few uses. Applying grease may help minimize the noise but it does not completely resolve it. It has a LCD that displays your workout success but it does not tell you how much calories you have burned. The stride length is very limited. If you have larger body type or linger limbs, you might have difficulty using it. Simply put, you will not feel comfortable working out with this machine. It is easy to transfer this machine from one location to another because of its lightweight. With its compactness, you can easily store it anywhere in your house. Unfortunately, its weight makes you question its stability. Machines that weigh so little are unstable. The low-quality materials of this machine are represented in its warranty. The manufacturer could only offer 90 days warranty for frame, parts and electronics. Most durable machines are offered with at least a year of warranty for its frame. These days, you cannot expect much from this machine. At $227, you can only accomplish very little to your fitness goal. The price tag is the manufacturer's way of tricking you into buying a machine that is poorly made. Overall, with this machine, you get what you pay for. Its parts, frame and electronics are only covered within 90 days. For how long it will last? That is a question even the manufacturer cannot answer. That's why it only gives you 90 days warranty. It might break down after 3 months of usage.


Adjustability 1
Reliability 2
Noise Level 2
Value 5
Warranty 1
Quality 2
Ergonomics 2