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Weslo Momentum CT 3.0 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

One of the difficulties in writing reviews about poor ellipticals is coming up with enough negative superlatives to convey how truly afoul they can can be. For the CT3.0 here&ap mine ... it's bad.

Overall Quality

Weslo euphemistically makes value ellipticals for low cost. What they really do is make cheap ellipticals that will fall apart with any use and sell them for little to no money. I often wonder if a person buys this machines treats it like insurance. The dialog in their head goes something like this: "Maybe if I buy this machine, I won't have to use it and I''ll still get healthier?"


Adjustability 1
Reliability 2
Noise Level 2
Value 5
Warranty 1
Quality 2
Ergonomics 2