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Vision TF40 Elegant+ Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The better programmed version of the TF40 but it carries a $500 higher price tag.

Overall Quality

The nicer display with more programming would be nice to have if you want variety in your workouts. When you consider that you are paying an extra $500 for these privileges over the base model, you start to question your sanity. I guess you could rationalize it because there is even a more expensive folding model with the touch screen display but who in the hell would want a $3,100 fold up machine? I'm sure there are a few people in the world that could make the case, but my guess is that aliens have taken over your mind and you are doing all kinds of stuff that doesn't make sense.


Walking Area 8.5
Power 7
Cushioning 6.9
Reliability 7.2
Noise Level 6.1
Quality 6.3
Value 4.4
Warranty 9.1

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