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Vision TF40 Classic Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The folding version of the T40 series with a higher price to boot!

Vision TF40 Classic Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.94

There are three variants in the Vision series and the users' options are the Vision T40 Classic treadmill ($2,999), the Vision T40 Elegant treadmill ($3,599), and the Vision T40 Touch treadmill ($4,399).

Features working in favor of the treadmill...

Large frame motor with a lifetime guarantee

The 3 HP motor complements the 20" x 60" walking belt without much fuss producing a reasonably noise free experience as the runner touches 12 mph speeds in a stimulating workout. The warranty on this treadmill is excellent and there is lifetime coverage for the motor.

The walking belt is well suited to all categories of runners

The 20" x 60" is standardized for treadmills today and offers just the right running area for a stable power workout without fearing loss of control. It will take on the bigger users and with inclines topping 15%, produce just the right amount of variation for an arduous workout.

Cushioning is reasonably good for regular runners

Does a decent job in cushioning the impact of running on our knees and joints, but this is certainly not the surface you should be getting at this price. Better than average but overall there are healthier options even in the sub $1,500 price bracket.

Excellent warranty that is good value for money

This is a fabulous warranty; Labor is 2 years, parts 7 years and frame and motor covered for lifetime. You really have to move extremely high end to improve upon this.

This is a folding frame treadmill

With area dimensions of 83" L x 43" W x 63" H weighing 277 pounds, this treadmill occupies space big time, so the folding feature enhances its storability.

Features that may turn you off...

Motor is not value for money

This is a motor that would fit in comfortably at a lower price point. The $2,999 price tag deserved a better motor.

Cushioning is not value for money

There are more forgiving running surfaces at lower price points. Extreme runners would gravitate to Proform The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 3.0 for better running comfort during extreme workouts.

Seems overpriced for the value it is delivering

It is not every day that the average user gets to shell out $2,999 for a treadmill, and this certainly makes it an expensive buy. But even if someone could afford this, is it value for money? Motor and cushioning are definitely areas where vast improvements are necessary before declaring this treadmill as an excellent buy.

The final diagnosis

The Vision TF40 is a good treadmill but certainly not healthy for its inflated price. The quality is good, the warranty is excellent but you will find better features in similarly priced (example, Boston Marathon 3.0) and lower end models that would be immensely satisfying.

Not sure why someone would want a $3000 folding Vision but here it is if you want it.