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Vision TF20 Touch+ Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The touch is a beautiful design but you can get a True PS100 for less and get more of a treadmill.

Overall Quality

Nearly a $3,000 MSRP Vision makes for no competition with the rest of the market out there. A nice screen isn't worth $3k on an average treadmill. Hate to beat up on Vision because they make a quality machine. Our guess is that with the demise in the specialty fitness dealer market, Vision is selling fewer machines, and fewer dealers are flooring the product so exclusive marketing areas are translating into exclusive pricing. If the factory holds the price high on their website, then the dealers can try to hold prices high too and that's what it looks like to us.


Walking Area 8
Power 6.7
Cushioning 6.5
Reliability 6.4
Noise Level 6
Quality 6.1
Value 4.8
Warranty 8.5

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