Vision T40 Elegant+ Treadmill Review - $2,899.00

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  • Brief Overview

    We were wondering if the designer sneezed when he was drawing the hand rail. Although this is a nice machine, you don't get the stellar industrial design like you do with Icon.
  • Overall Quality

    The better programmed version with the nicer display for an extra $600 over the simple "Classic" version. If the price of the Classic T40 wasn't high enough for you, Vision decided to tack on another $600 bucks for the privilege of owning the fancy programmable version of the T40. For only another $800 bucks you can get the fancy schmancy touch screen version. We wonder if Vision has taken a look at what NordicTrack is producing at $1,499. They are now using active matrix screens and although the quality of the glass isn't up to what Vision uses, you could get a big 4k ultra high definition TV for the difference.
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 8.5
    Power 7
    Cushioning 6.9
    Reliability 7.2
    Noise Level 6.1
    Quality 6.4
    Value 4.1
    Warranty 9.1

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