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New Vision Elliptical Reviews

Vision S7200HRT

The S7200HRT is the top of the line suspension elliptical from Vision. If you truly want somethi...

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Older Vision Reviews

Reviewed in 2016

Vision S60 Commercial

A fantastic budget minded alternative to the Cybex Arc trainer.

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Vision S70 Commercial

The big brother to the S60 only in console but even at the extra cost still something to consider...

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Vision S7200HRT

Vision is THE "Value" brand in Cardio...they take a lot of licks and keep on ticking!

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Reviewed in 2015

Vision X10

The X10 is a decent machine, but there is nothing compelling about it when you compare it to prod...

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Vision X20

The Vision X20 is a solid if unspectacular machine that becomes truly stunning with the addition ...

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Reviewed in 2014

Vision X20 Elegant

The Vision X20 Elegant is one of those models that gets lost inbetween their cheaper and better c...

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Vision X20 Touch

The X20 Touchscreen console makes this one of the better units in it's price range but we would h...

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Vision X40 Classic

The Vision X40 Classic should give users adjustable stride for $1900.

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Vision X40 Touch

If you want to buy an X40 we recommend the Touch Console version. The Vision X40 Touch is a beau...

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Vision XF40 Elegant

The X40 Elegant console is a beautiful console on a solid machine. It wins our 2nd Runner Up awa...

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Vision XF40 Touch

The best thing about the XF40 is the touchscreen console which you can get on lower cost models. ...

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Reviewed in 2012

Vision S 70s

The S 70 from Vision is their top of the line suspension trainer offering. We have yet to see an...

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Vision S 7100s

Our 3rd runner up in the $2999 category is the Vision S 7100. Vision's suspension trainer design...

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Vision S 7200 HRTs

The Vision S 7200 HRT gives excellent quality for a reasonable value. While there are better ell...

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Vision X 20 Premiers

The Vision X20 is a decent elliptical in a very competitive price point. While a good quality un...

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Vision X 30 Premiers

The Vision X30 Premier is a solid machine at a solid price. Unfortunately, in the $1500 to $2000...

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Vision X 6200 Premiers

The X 6200 Premier is a tank of an elliptical, and our 3rd runner up in the $2499 category. Visi...

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Vision X 70s

The Vision X 70 is a quality elliptical lost in a market of more serious competitors. Vision nee...

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Reviewed in 2011

Vision X1500

The X1500 is a very good deal at $999. Vision is positioning itself as a high value proposition i...

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Vision X30

The X30 doesn't provide the value that other machines in the Vision lineup provide.

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Vision X6000

The X6000 is the best value in the Vision lineup. At $1199, the X6000 is a can't miss. For years...

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Vision X6200

We would save some money and buy the X6000.

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Reviewed in 2010

Vision X6150

Vision's X6150 is a compelling choice at $1999. Our 3rd Runner up in the $2000 to $2499 category...

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Vision X6250 HRT

The X6250 is a commercial ellitpical for the home market. You will probably never need an ellitpi...

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Who Manufacturers Vision Ellipticals?

General Information:Vision is an brand made by Johnson, the maker of Matrix and Horizon units. They are known for making a high value treadmill. For years Johnson Health Tech operated Vision as a separate brand but four years ago decided to merge its' operations with their other North American operations.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Vision is a high quality product that has really upgraded their treadmill lineup in the past few years- except for the handrail design where it looks like an engineer sneezed when he drew it. They are putting high quality parts and are abandoning the lower end of the market. We visited the headquarters and major factory outside of Shanghai and found that Johnson is the most integrated manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. This can be both good and bad. The good is that you are in control of almost all aspects of production. The bad is that you are in control of almost all aspects of production- if you mess up there is no one else to blame. They are focused on doing things the right way so it appears that this is a case where it is good overall. We were impressed with their quality procedures and design and testing processes and the reviews will reflect these facts.

Company Outlook : Vision, who once helped shut down many US factories with their innovative manufacturing approach, now is the victim of their own success by pushing some of the quality to their other brands like Horizon. They are making a firm move to the higher end of the market to try to challenge True. We will see how that works out for them. We find many of the Vision machines in light commercial use.