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TRUE Z5.0 Treadmill Review

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Where to buy the TRUE Z5.0

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Brief Overview

Our Best Buy winner for the under $3,999 price point for 2016! The classic design that put True on the map. It is a great design if you want a full-featured, quality treadmill and have limited room. Also is quiet and soft- not bad but what can you expect for nearly $4k.

Overall Quality

If you need a compact unit and have a nice sized budget, it is impossible to get better than True. The update from the older Z series just makes it better. If you have a small space in an apartment in a big city and need a unit that makes little noise and has great cushioning, True is the brand with which to go. True has updated the Z series with as much belt area as you can pack into a compact unit and they haven't sacrificed any of the quality that made the True brand famous.


Walking Area 7
Power 7.2
Cushioning 8.1
Reliability 8.2
Noise Level 8.5
Quality 8.2
Value 5.7
Warranty 8.5

Customer Reviews

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