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True UC 900 Bike Review

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How long will the True UC 900 last?

The best aspect about buying a bike in this stratosphere price point is that it could very well be one of the last bikes you have to buy. True already has a strong reputation for building high quality machines that are made to last and the UC900 is no exception. True put a belt drive system known for its dependability into the UC900 Upright. They also included one of the best warranties in the price category. We suggest that this bike be used by a modest user, to extend the life of this machine.

Brief Overview

The True UC 900 upright is a great value for the price with a great warranty and quality features. But depending on the console you choose; your experience and price tag could be much different. Taking all of this into account, we have placed the True UC900 Upright is our third-place winner for 2021 Best Buy for the $3000 to $3999 price point.

Overall Quality

True has various characteristics integrated into this bike that helped it land on of the top three slots of its price range. True structured the UC 900 upright with reliability as their vision. This bike has the highest resistance levels of any bike at this cost. Also, the UC900 upright has a reliable drive belt system. To top that off True has a good warranty on this bike. The UC900 Upright comes with a Lifetime frame and three years parts, labor, and console warranty.

There are a few drawbacks though. First off, the UC900 might not be in your price range, and we know that True offers a better bike for about the same amount. We also find it a tad frustrating that you cannot get a clear final price and feature breakdown for the UC900. Much like a luxury vehicle, bikes in this price range usually require you to call a sales representative to get the full details and be sold on the bike. While we understand the reasoning, you should be able to access the information more readily.

Things we like

  • Belt Drive System
  • Great Warranty

Things we dislike

  • X
    High Price for Value


Number of Programs N/A
Console 9" Touchscreen
Flywheel Weight N/A
Drive System Type Belt
Resistance Levels 30
Seat Adjustable
Handlebars EKG
Pedals Strap
Transport Wheels Front
Foot Print 44 x 24 x 59
Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Unit Weight 143 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 3 year Parts, Labor, and console


This is the first time Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the True UC900 Upright. We encourage you to see our other True reviews as well as our other bike reviews to help you in your hunt for a new fitness machine.


The True UC 900 upright would truly be a great bike for someone who is looking for a trustworthy fitness bike. True also offers a wide array of console choices so you can personalize your experience. However, we do not think that the UC900 Upright outranks True’s other bike in this price point, the ES 900 Recumbent. Therefore, we have placed the True UC 900 Upright in our Third Place slot for 2021 Best Buy for the $3000 to $3999 price class.