TRUE PS825 Escalate 9" Screen Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The PS825 is something to behold. If you have experienced the refinement of True, this one will still impress you. Think BWM 7 Series.

Overall Quality

Massive quality and massive price sometimes go together and in this case, it makes sense. With that said, it can make sense for those who can't go up to the ES 900 model but I figure if you have $5,000 for a treadmill, you might be able to scrounge up the extra $1,000 in order to go with the ES 900. You get a very nice, intuitive interface that makes for an excellent runner's treadmill. If you are a serious trainer, we suggest that you seriously consider a True treadmill.


Walking Area 8.75
Power 8
Cushioning 9.5
Reliability 8.1
Noise Level 7.8
Quality 7.6
Value 5.2
Warranty 8.5