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True PS800 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The PS800 with the adjustable cushioning is a great choice. We hope True keeps pushing features downline but until then, this is the most full featured True at the best price.

True PS800 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.73

With the adjustable cushioning, the PS800 makes sense in this lineup. The belt is huge but True does such a good job with the deck that the large belt doesn't present a problem reliability-wise.

This is a good treadmill with great features that sells for $3,899. The adjustable cushioning is really what set this model apart, as far as we're concerned. It was the runner up for our Best Buy award for treadmills that cost between $3,000-3,999.

The size of the walking belt is really good in the True PS 800. It checks in at 21" x 60", giving users with a wider stance a more comfortable area. You can, however, find some cheaper models that provide as much, or more, spacious walking areas. They may not always have a deck and motor that can handle the size of the belt like this one can, so be aware of that.

The motor is one of the best you can find for under $4,500. It generates enough power for anyone to appreciate. Sole and Smooth offer a motor with similar power producing capabilities for under $2,500, but you'll lose some quality in other areas.

The cushioning system in this treadmill is great. It utilizes an Adjustable TRUE Soft System, which lets you modify the firmness of the deck. The impact area is a softer surface, and the push off point is firmer. Only Freemotion and Woodway can offer better cushioning.

Projected reliability is not this models strong suit. It's not that we expect it to wear out quickly, but some of the treadmills that sell for $2,000 or less will last for a comparable amount of time. Considering the fact that a large orthopedic belt is used, this isn't a big surprise. While the deck is really good, the quality of parts is just average for this price range.

The warranty for the True PS800 is what you expect to see in a high quality treadmill. Labor is covered for 1 year, parts for 7 years, the motor for 30 years, and the frame for life. This is the kind of confidence you hope a manufacturer will display, when you're purchasing their equipment.