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True PS800 Escalate Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The PS800 with the adjustable cushioning is a great choice. We hope True keeps pushing features downline but until then, this is the most full featured True at the best price.

True PS800 Escalate Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 7.78

Founded by the Trulaske brothers back in the 80's, True Fitness Technology had their lineup of treadmills undergo a major upgrade some years back. They made a successful attempt at redefining the quality of components and boosting their brand value. A True Fitness treadmill stands head and shoulders above the crowd through excellent performance empowered by an incredibly quiet and powerful motor-drive consolidation. Customers aspiring for a higher level of care and service can pick this model without hesitation. In our recent customer service study, True rated #1.

This treadmill is ideally suited for homes and light commercial use and is the natural choice for home users, busy corporate executives, and gym regulars who don't mind digging deep and investing more.

Features extreme users would love...

4 HP motor promises raw power and stress free workouts

The potent motor is truly the power behind the superb handling of this machine and it delivers a sterling performance combining effectively with PS800s high quality drive to give serious racers outstanding running ambiance. You may find Smooth and Sole positioning treadmills with similar power under $2,500 but be prepared to compromise on quality of some components.

A 22" x 60" belt is empowered convincingly by the motor

The 22" x 60" tread belt creates ample room for inexperienced users and professional runners to maneuver easily, and guarantees a safe and stable running surface.

If it is debated that the same surface can be found in a cheaper TM be aware that quality of the parts would be compromised to achieve that price reduction.

Undoubtedly, the PS800 drive has the razzmatazz to make extreme fitness routines seem like a walk in the park. Make no mistake this is a treadmill for the long haul.

Cushioning technology well designed for extreme runners

The True Soft cushioning system has orthopedic impact protection that gives you near perfect transition from smooth landings to explosive take offs. The Soft Select adjustable feature allows you to modify the firmness of the deck in a way that enhances user experience. The only cushioning that guarantees a better experience is Freemotion and Woodway.

The heavier machine build tolerates power users

The machine checks in at 352 pounds and has a higher stress tolerance for users exceeding 400 pounds, so a heavy user need not fear loss of control or stability in extreme running.

Reversible deck; added protection against wear and tear

In keeping with its reputation for extreme use, this deck is reversible so you can reverse the surface to get twice the wear life of the deck. When you wear out the original side, you just flip the deck and replace the belt. This feature adds value to the treadmill.

Stronger warranty reflects company's concern for paying customer

Labor is covered for 1 year, parts for 10 years, the motor for 30 years, and the frame for lifetime, making this a warranty on par with what is available in many high end models.

The lone factor that stands between you and physical perfection...

This is a pricey high-end machine, not for newbies and penny pinchers

The quality, reliability and performance parameters are very high for this machine with a matching price tag that will obliterate domestic budgets, but remember that this is a high end treadmill built for the committed runner, the ace athlete and the professional trainer.

The budget freak would be better off admiring this marvel from a cozy distance, as a Chevy would admire a Ferrari.

The final word

For a professional runner whose motto is to extract maximum mileage from his treadmill, it makes sense to spend more money for a higher quality treadmill. The True PS800 Escalate has all the bells and whistles and zapping performance to please the professional in you.

With the adjustable cushioning, the PS800 makes sense in this lineup. The belt is huge but True does such a good job with the deck that the large belt doesn't present a problem reliability-wise.