TRUE PS800 Escalate Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The PS800 with the adjustable cushioning is a great choice. We hope True keeps pushing features downline but until then, this is the most full featured True at the best price.

Overall Quality

With the adjustable cushioning, the PS800 makes sense in this lineup. The belt is huge but True does such a good job with the deck that the large belt doesn't present a problem reliability-wise. If you like the ES 900 but don't have the cash to pony up the extra $2,000, the PS800 is a great machine that borrows the frame design from the lower end but the same parts quality that you get from the entire PS line. You also get True's legendary quietness and smooth operation, along with the best factory support.


Walking Area 8.75
Power 8
Cushioning 9.5
Reliability 7.6
Noise Level 7.6
Quality 7.4
Value 6.1
Warranty 8.5

Customer Reviews

11.0 out of 5 stars
5 Star
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3 Star
2 Star
1 Star
Maria- Unsafe productJul 13, 2019

I bought this treadmill in May last year and started having problems with the machine displaying contradictory messages and not stopping when I paused it. Very dangerous! For 6 months I tried to get the problem resolved and the local dealer tried very hard to help me out. They installed 4 new consoles that True sent them assuring them that the problem was fixed. It wasn't. With every new console the problem surfaced again putting me in potential danger.