TRUE ES 900 Escalate 9? Screen Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Our Best Buy winner for treadmills over $4,000 for 2016! True is building a unique machine and it is rather exclusive too considering the price. With all of this in mind, there is nothing else I would want in a treadmill personally if I had an unlimited budget and the interface is wonderful.

Overall Quality

If price is no object and you have quietness and cushioning as big factors, forget commercial models and go with this True. True has spent years refining these aspects of the machines and they do a better job than anyone. This would be my personal choice if I were buying a machine and had the $6,000 to plunk down on it. With my bad back, the adjustable cushioning is just what I need because my wife likes the treadmill with a firmer feel. Also, these are so quiet that have a hard time hearing the machine run if no one is on the belt.


Walking Area 9
Power 8
Cushioning 9.5
Reliability 8.7
Noise Level 8.4
Quality 8.9
Value 6.4
Warranty 8.8