TRUE ES 900 16" Touch Screen Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Just when you thought you couldn't buy a more expensive True, they came out with the 16" touch screen model. And, you can have it at the bargain price of $8,300! For those who have it all, this is your next acquisition! The Mercedes Benz/AMG S Class of the treadmill world.

Overall Quality

If you want the best of the best, this is your option from True. I would think that for $8,300 you should get a treadmill that will also act as your butler, maid, and it should mow your lawn on weekends. Since some small cars are now coming on the market that cost less than this treadmill, it makes you wonder where they put all the money? It is a bargain when compared with the high end Woodway model but what were you expecting for a lousy $8,300?!?


Walking Area 9
Power 8
Cushioning 9.5
Reliability 8.7
Noise Level 8.4
Quality 8.9
Value 4.9
Warranty 8.8