TRUE ES 900 10" Touch Screen Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The big enchalada for True with their touch screen. I would skip the screen and get the regular ES 900 model. If you have this kind of money, pay the extra $600 for the 16" screen.

Overall Quality

If you have this kind of money, step up to the larger touch screen. Now True has a 16" touch screen model. Since everything seems to get bigger and bigger, I guess it won't be long before factories mount a 80" LCD screen to the front of the treadmill. I suppose if you wanted the experience of running outside, this might do the trick. Back to the essentials, if you get this machine, you aren't getting more quality when compared with the standard ES 900 model. You just get the fancy technology.


Walking Area 9
Power 8
Cushioning 9.5
Reliability 8.7
Noise Level 8.4
Quality 8.9
Value 5.6
Warranty 8.8