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Titan Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle Bike Review

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How long will the Titan Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle last?

Like we say every time we review a cheap machine, do not expect too much. You pay for what you get with cheap bikes. If you want a bike that is going to last for a long, long time then you will have to spend more than $200 dollars. You aren’t risking too much if you want to try out the Titan Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle, but just be realistic.

Brief Overview

Titan Fitness has managed to create a very cheap spin bike that may have you thinking twice. The Pro Indoor Cycle does not have very many additive features, but for the price it is hard to deny the value. So, we have thrown the Pro Indoor Cycle in our Third Place 2020 Best Buy slot for the $399 and Under category.

Overall Quality

Maybe we should start with the good things about the Pro Indoor Cycle. This spin bike has adjustable handlebars and a seat that adjusts both ways. Also, most bikes for straps that go over the top of your foot. Spin bikes, though, are usually used for standing/sitting/up and down exercises. So spin bike pedals get a much different use than other bikes. Titan has accommodated this by giving the Pro Indoor Cycle toe cages with stretchy straps – that’s a trademark title, by the way. These stretchy straps, all joking aside, do adjust for different size feet and will likely adjust well to a spin exercise. The Titan Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle also has a 40 lb flywheel which is a pretty good weight especially for this price range. So you get all of this for $200 dollars. We do not like to suggesting cheap bikes. But come on, $200 dollars and it is not a piece of garbage? That’s pretty crazy.

Still, there are a few setbacks. The Pro Indoor Cycle does not come with a warranty nor does it have any sort of programs. Also, the reason why this spin bike has such a heavy flywheel is because it is a self-propelled, manual drive system. So really, the Pro Indoor Cycle is more like a stationary bike. This machine does not have incline or speed levels because you are the motor. The more you pedal, the faster and more difficult your workout will be. There is not really any braking system to speak of either. You would simply slow down and try to not jump off in the middle of going very fast. But hey, what do you expect for an exercise bike that is only $200 dollars?!

Things we like

  • Heavier Flywheel
  • Price
  • Adjustable
  • Small Footprint

Things we dislike

  • X
    Not as Many Features
  • X
    Cheap Features


Number of Programs N/A
Flywheel 40 lbs
Drive System N/A
Resistance N/A
Seat Adjustable
Heart Rate Sensor and Type N/A
Transport Wheels N/A
Footprint 49.5 L x 46.5 H x 20 W
Weight Capacity 275
Unit Weight 100
Warranty N/A


This is the first year we have reviewed the Titan Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle bike, but be sure to check out some of our other bike reviews!


Like most bikes, the Titan Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle has a few attributes and a few bad qualities that help level this bike out. But regardless of all the things we do not like, this bike is $200 dollars. It would be difficult for Titan to not match the price with quality because it is such a low price tag. To put it simply, we hate and like that the Pro Indoor Cycle is so cheap. If you try it out and it lasts a year, then you only lost a few hundred. If it lasts two and you lose some weight, then money well spend. Consequently, we placed the Titan Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle in our Third Place 2020 Best Buy slot for the $399 and Under range.