Technogym Skillrun Treadmill Review

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How long will the Technogym Skillrun last?

The Technogym Skillrun is designed to last through many years of workout sessions. It is a stalwart machine that holds a mega 485 lbs. maximum capacity and comes complete with both commercial and residential warranties. Walkers, runners, and even professional athletes will get continuous training for years to come on this sturdy, well-built piece of fitness equipment.

Brief Overview

The Technogym Skillrun is our 2nd place Best Buy Winner in the $10,000 and UP price range. It allows consumers unparalleled training experiences on a superlative treadmill that breaks the norm. Technogym fitness equipment has been used in the last six Olympic games so you know this company can bring it like no other and they back up their machines with both residential and commercial warranties. The quality components that comprise the Technogym Skillrun are beyond compare – combining both mechanical and technology to surpass the everyday standard treadmill rotating through today’s retail market.

Overall Quality

The Technogym Skillrun is not your normal run of the mill treadmill. Not only does this machine sport both incline and decline features, but it also offers in-depth training sessions at the touch of a button. Want to train on how to push a sled and build up both lower and upper body extremities – no problem. Any desire to learn how to parachute train – no problem. Want to train in a Bootcamp manner? The technology located in the Skillrun does it all! The built in programs are stellar to say the least including the Precision Program which includes a digital “coach” – an AI personal trainer that works with your created fitness program to help you reach your goals! Exciting!
As a matter of fact, the Skillrun not only connects to Apple watches, but the Bluetooth capabilities enable connections to the Technogym Ecosystem through third party apps! Simply connecting brings live workout sessions for challenging fun and even travel through the great outdoors with real-time GPS functions. Users wanting to take charge of their fitness journey can fine-tune their workouts in a detailed manner or even create their own training sessions with the technology located in the Skillrun. Even better is the lifetime full access to the Technogym Plus program offering alternative fitness programs like Yoga, Boxing, Meditations, and more.

Things we like

  • Amazing technology
  • 0.1 – 18.6 MPH
  • -3% – 25% gradient range
  • Technogym Plus program

Things we dislike

  • X


Assembled Dimensions 73" L x 34" W x 56” H
Power Source 200-240 Vac (“E” version) | 90-240 Vac (“A” version)
Maximum Weight 485 lbs.
Technology Bluetooth/Technogym Ecosystem
Speed Rating 18.6 MPH
Incline/decline range -3% to 25%
Belt Width 22”


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The Technogym Skillrun is a top tier treadmill that is known for its excellence throughout the world. Furthermore, Technogym fitness equipment has been a part of the last six Olympic events, offering biomechanical training methods for reaching peak performance for athletes everywhere. Compelling evidence shows the Skillrun to be a multipurpose treadmill, adaptable for users all over the fitness spectrum, yet remaining a true resource for professional athletes all-around.