Technogym Artis Run Treadmill Review

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How long will the Technogym Artis Run last?

Designed for the optimal treadmill experience, the Technogym Artis Run is a state-of-the-art machine built to last through quite a few years of continuous training by users all over the fitness spectrum. It is sturdily built, with a fully assembled weight of 445 lbs. and a maximum capacity of a hefty 485 lbs. Consumers will breathe easier knowing that the Artis Run is covered by both commercial and residential warranties that come with an extension offer at the point of purchase or which can be procured at a later date if requested nicely.

Brief Overview

The Technogym Artis Run is our Aspirational Treadmill Winner for 2024. The Artis Run has been scientifically engineered to offer maximum comfort during training sessions. From the AI working with users on specific fitness goals, to the large display screen perfectly slanted for ideal viewing, as well as the cushioned surface on a sleek frame offered in two different colors – the Artis Run is a cut above the rest in treadmill hierarchy and is an all-around quality treadmill. Real training in the comfort of the great indoors!

Overall Quality

The Technogym Artis Run is large and in charge, meaning a dedicated workout space is needed for both aesthetic and safety purposes. It has a wide running surface which automatically adapts (think AI) to each users’ individual running style and then offers a 15% gradient for challenging workouts no matter the personal fitness level. The handlebars are long with handy red and green lights on the ends designed to convey both belt movement and maintenance needs while tiny joysticks enable quick changes for both spend and incline, giving a futuristic feel to this top-tier treadmill.
For the faint of heart, it is important to note that this treadmill is self-aware – meaning when it is stepped on it intuitively turns on as it senses a human presence. Additionally, numerous workouts are available as well as one-on-one sessions with a virtual trainer. This guidance is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions as well as ‘atta boys’ when goals are completed. Wifi and Bluetooth technology enable Apple Watch connections and streaming content for entertainment purposes. The large touchscreen display provides visual immersion into beautiful landscapes and users can use the GPS feature to plug in favorite walking or running trails to simulate exercise in the great outdoors.

Things we like

  • Amazing technology

Things we dislike

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Assembled Dimensions 81" L x 35" W x 63” H
Power Source 200-240 Vac (“E” version) | 90-240 Vac (“A” version)
Maximum Weight 485 lbs.
Unit Weight 445 lbs.
Speed Rating 15.5 MPH
Incline range 15%
Belt Width 23” x 60”


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The Technogym Artis Run is a desirable treadmill for high class facilities and wealthier homes. It has been scientifically designed for excellence and comes with a hefty price tag. Technogym is known for its fitness equipment being used by those in the last six Olympic Games and along these lines, constantly seek improvements and ways to keep consumers challenged and awed by the advancement of the simple treadmill from days of old, to the amazingly advanced Artis Run – a peak performance treadmill with mind-blowing features and options.