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Star Trac 8 Series Rear Drive Elliptical Review

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How long will the Star Trac 8 Series Rear Drive last?

The build of this Star Trac is substantial and built from commercial-grade materials. It has a high weight capacity so we know that Star Trac/Core thinks their elliptical can handle a beating. We feel in a residential setting that as long as this elliptical is properly built that it should be a relatively painless adventure. Core offers a decent warranty with their commercial equipment but sometimes likes to hide their residential warranty, so you will need to discuss that with your salesperson. In general, you can expect a Star Trac elliptical to last you a number good number of years. And this commercial grade 8-RDE will be no exception.

Brief Overview

The Star Trac 8 series rear drive is a commercial total body fixed stride commercial elliptical. The Star Trac 8 rear drive is available with several console options. We are reviewing the base LCD console for this review. The LCD comes with a decent selection of programs and if you are a fan of some of Star Tracs older console configurations it will be easy to use. The nicer the console, the more features, and the more expensive this elliptical is going to be. It’s a relatively heavy elliptical and has a shorter than average stride when compared to its commercial competition. The alternator driven resistance is smooth and the articulating foot pedals are fairly comfortable. The high-end elliptical market is fairly competitive and we like some of the features on this Star Trac and of course, there are some things we don't like. Consequently, we have ranked the StarTrac 8-RDE in our third-place 2021 Best Buy for elliptical

Overall Quality

The Star Trac 8 Series RDE is built with the same quality that Star Trac has been known for in the commercial industry. In fact, it is one of the heavier rear-drive ellipticals on the market. You can find this Star Trac at a fairly reasonable price when compared to its competition when equipped with the base LCD console. The LCD gives the user 14+ preprogrammed workouts which is more than the more expensive 10 inch (11+) touchscreen but not as many as the flagship 15 inch(20+) touchscreen. The overall stride of this elliptical is smooth when paired with moderate resistance from Star Trac rear-drive generator system. The articulating footpads are comfortable and should accommodate most users. The moveable handles were smooth and still accommodating at multiple angles. The fixed handle EKG’s were nicely constructed and stable. And you can incorporate Heart Rate workouts thru a compatible chest strap provided you spend a good bit extra money on the more advanced 15-inch Capacitive touchscreen. There are 3 consoles to choose from and the 15 Inch is by far the most advanced thus allowing the user to hook up all the technology they could need for a substantial price increase. <br/> On the other hand, this elliptical is not really a looker. It kind of brings up nightmares of Nautilus ellipticals of old with that retro rear-drive cover. And the body looks suspiciously like a Life Fitness CLSX. This Elliptical has no incline feature which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but could be a problem for some. For taller users they may find the stride a bit short which coupled with the articulating foot pedals can give this elliptical a jerky feeling motion. This should only affect very tall users. Core, who owns Star Trac, is not known to be the easiest company to deal with but you will only have that issue if something goes wrong with your elliptical. So the next question is how long do we think this will 8-RDE will last?

Things we like

  • Articulating Foot Pads

Things we dislike

  • X
  • X
    No Incline
  • X
    Customer Service
  • X
    Short Stride


Number of Programs N/A
Drive Position rear
Flywheel weight N/A
weight Capacity  400lbs
Unit Dimensions 86" x36" X73"
Resistance Levels N/A
Heart Rate Sensor EKG Handlebar
Weight of Unit 380 lbs.
Warranty N/A


This is the first year we have reviewed the Star Trac 8-RDE. Read our other Elliptical reviews to see how this 8-RDE ranks next to other ellipticals in its price range.


The Star Trac 8-RDE is a quality commercial grade total body rear-drive elliptical. While the base LCD console isn’t going to be splitting any atoms anytime soon it is none the less a quality console that has a good array of programs to choose from. The stride when coupled with the articulating foot pedals and moveable arm will give most users a quality workout. We just wish this elliptical had a bit longer stride to compete with its commercial competition and accommodate taller individuals. You should have plenty of resistance to choose from with Star Trac's rear-drive generator to get your grind on. The base price with the base LCD console makes it one of the more affordable commercial ellipticals on the market. The retro look of the Star Trac 8-RDE may bring back some nostalgia for you, so you may not find it is as boring to look at as we do. If you are a little below average height and want a commercial experience with an elliptical, but do not want to take out a second mortgage on your house to get one, maybe the Star Trac 8-RDE is for you. In a nutshell, is this why the Star Trac 8-RDE made the third-place spot for Treadmill Doctors 2021 Best Buy List for ellipticals $4000 and over.

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