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Sole SB700 Upright Bike Review

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How long will the Sole SB700 Upright last?

As we explain in the main part of this review, Sole has really included a strong build with this model. Thus, we predict that the SB700 Upright bike will best fit a moderate user who works out three to four times a week for no more than an hour. This type of user should be able to see multiple years out of the SB700. Please keep in mind, we do strongly recommend proper care of any of your exercise equipment. Simple steps like placing your bike in a clean, room-temperate room and performing routine maintenance will add years to any machine.

Brief Overview

For the most part, spending less than $1,000 on an exercise machine will leave you with a less than impressive experience. But paying half the price for a bike that belongs in the upper price range, now that is a bargain! The Sole SB700 Upright would have likely been one of our top five in the $1500 price range due to its strong build and warranty, but with Sole’s big sale placing this model in the $700 dollar range, we had to make the SB700 Upright our First Place 2021 Best Buy Winner for the $400 to $699 dollar category.

Overall Quality

We realize that sales don’t always last but for 2021, the year that the Sole SB700 Upright is being reviewed, we will promote this model in the sale’s price category – because really, this is a great price for this bike.

But let’s look at the Sole SB700 Upright as a bike and not for the price tag. Sole is known for their high-quality machines and usually lean towards stronger machines as opposed to technology-loaded machines. In today's world, that doesn't often put the Sole models very high. But we are glad to see the Sole SB700 Upright because we know how hard it can be for a heavier, more consistent user to get a high-quality machine. The SB700 Upright has a lot of signs of this high-quality build from the forty-eight-pound flywheel to the nearly one hundred and fifty-pound weight capacity. One of the biggest rules of thumb for machines with flywheel systems is the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride because the weight of the flywheel will help connect your continuity between pedals. Additionally, the heavier the machine usually indicates better quality parts.

In addition to SB700’s flywheel and weight, we also like that Sole chose a drive belt system. Unlike chain systems, drive belts usually tend to last longer, have fewer complications, and are easy to replace. Sole also shows how much they value the SB700 Upright with a lifetime frame, three-year parts and electronics, and a one-year frame warranty.

Of course, we rarely run into machines that are absolutely perfect. Despite the strong build, the Sole SB700 Upright's technology is not much to write home about. In fact, a three by the four-inch screen is barely enough to look at. Yes, you do get a tablet holder but that does not necessarily increase the overall value of the Sole SB700 Upright as much as a better console. Also, we would not rank this bike as a first-place winner if we were in the higher price bracket because of the lack of technology. If you are not able to receive the price slash and are paying the SB700’s original $1,400 dollar price tag, you may want to look at other bikes in that price category.

Things we like

  • 48 Pound Flywheel
  • Belt Drive System
  • Good Warranty

Things we dislike

  • X
    High Price for Value
  • X
    6 Preprogrammed Workouts


Number of Programs 6
Console LCD
Flywheel weight 48 lbs
Drive System Type Belt
Resistance Levels 48
Seat Adjustable
Handle Bar Adjustable
Pedals Toe Cage
Transport Wheels Front
Foot Print 40.3 x 21.1 x41.9
Weight Capacity 350 lbs.
Unit Weight 141 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame,3 year parts, Electronics and 1 Year Labor


This is the first year the Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Sole SB700 Upright bike. We invite you to look at our many other bike reviews as well as our Sole reviews that range from bikes to ellipticals to treadmills.


Even with the lack of technology, the Sole SB700 Upright is still a solid bike, especially at this price. Sole has loaded this model with high-quality parts that should prove to last longer than some of the cheaper-made bikes on the market. We would recommend our 2021 First Place Best Buy Winner for the $499 to $699 dollar range for a moderate user who likes to exercise three to four times a week.

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