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Smooth 9.65TV Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Essentially the 9.65 with the integrated TV. We usually suggest buying a separate TV and wall mount.

Smooth 9.65TV Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.68

Smooth Fitness is a company that has the internet mapped like no one else. By unloading a feature-heavy TM, evidenced by high performing motors and spacious running areas, it's easy to judge why they make a helluva first impression.

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill

A monster 4 HP motor and a satisfying 21" x 64" belt deliver on all fronts

The 9.65TV comes loaded with an aggressive 4 HP motor that integrates easily with the 21" x 64" running belt providing energetic exercisers and professional road runners what it takes to push extreme workouts. By far one of the longest and fittest running treads available at the $2,300 price point.

A "55 preset workout program" package to banish boredom

A comprehensive package of fifty-five preset workout programs furnish all the excitement an athlete needs for motivation before the big event.

Warranty that is substantial and morale boosting

There is a lifetime warranty on frame, motor and parts PLUS electronics and 2 years in home labor. Compare this with the 2-4 years warranty you get on parts in other machines and you'll probably get an idea why this offer is above and beyond other brands.

Unit weight being 425lbs, this machine can accommodate heavier users

The larger frame, zingy motor and heavy duty cushioning makes this treadmill ideal for users exceeding 300 pounds, and the machine can take a pounding. The drive system components working in harmony take away the stress of intense routines minimizing wear and tear, and it could be a long stretch before you make a claim on that warranty.

What goes against the TM

treadmill is non folding

With a footprint of 82" L x 31.5" W you need to decide whether your home can accommodate a non-folding TM, and choose the ideal storage location before you purchase it.

A strong treadmill but beyond the average budget

At the $2,300 price point this treadmill is not cheap, but it's guaranteed for life and is a smart purchase if you are looking for a long haul.

Lower glamor quotient given the higher price

When you are shelling out so much cash you expect something that comes out of Star Wars but the design does appear a bit dated and clinical, not jazzy.

Our verdict

There's huge value for your money, motor-drive compatibility is satisfying, the running surface is outstanding, and all these goodies are backed by an outstanding warranty, so what's there to worry about?

Unless you like having the integrated TV, save $300 and go with the 9.65LC. It is the same machine other than the screen.