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Smooth 9.35 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A great combination of features and a fantastic warranty. For $2000 it is hard to do much better!

Smooth 9.35 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.39

What we can say in favor of the treadmill...

Very competitive, very high end motor

An excellent 4 HP motor that generates great power to drive a superb belt to guarantee an efficient, smooth and whisper quiet workout. There are high end models that don't pack this kind of power. Speeds topping 12 mph are guaranteed and you can raise the intensity of an extreme workout without skipping a heartbeat, as Smooth delivers an outstanding lifetime warranty for the motor and for parts.

A fabulous belt that is ideal for power running

This is a massive 21" x 61" running surface adding an extra inch lengthwise and widthwise to the standard sized treadbelt that is in vogue in competing models; it's a running surface that can give any high end model a run for its money. It's a surface that will suit taller users and those with a wider stance.

Cushioning delivers a forgiving surface

This is yet another plus point for this treadmill - a forgiving surface with excellent cushioning that the extreme user will love - extra protection for fast feet pounding the deck in power running.

Sufficient variety in preset programs

A clutch of 30 preset programs and inclines maxing at 15% help you bring more challenge and variety to your workouts.

Warranty is really impressive

Smooth definitely leads the pack in delivering an outstanding warranty. A lifelong warranty that encompasses the frame, its high performing motor and all parts; over and above this there's a 2 years labor warranty that ensures peace of mind while you follow a punishing routine.

Solid treadmill that can take bigger users

The unit weighs 260 pounds and bigger, weightier users clocking up to 375 pounds can safely use this machine without straining its motor and drive system.

Factors that make you look before you leap...

Pricey but an excellent buy if you can bridge the gap

A high price tag of $1,800 places the treadmill beyond the average home budget, but if you can cover the extra ground cost-wise you can consider this an excellent investment - a machine with high quality parts and good longevity.

This machine does not fold

Weighing 260 pounds and measuring 81" L x 34" W x 54" H, this is a big baby, and likely to create space problems in a smaller home or tinier apartment, so decide its location before bring it home.

The final word

One of the great treadmills in the sub $2,000 category. The Smooth 9.35 promises to deliver good value for your $1,799 investment; motor-drive quality is exceptional; you get a great treadbelt and an excellent warranty, so you can worry less and workout more.

Smooth has made some great strides in regard to features and quality. They have beefed up the treadmill and have done a good job of holding the line on price.