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Smooth 8.35 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A strong model but we would go with the 7.35 or 9.65LC if you like this one.

Smooth 8.35 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.15

What we can say in favor of the treadmill...

A motor that would do justice to higher priced models

This is a good 3.5 HP motor that could easily feature in models priced $2,000 and above. It can power running speeds up to 12 mph and works efficiently with an excellent drive to power a smooth (forgive the pun) almost noise free workout. Both frame and motor enjoy lifetime warranty cover so you can punish the treadmill with extreme workouts without worry lines creasing your forehead.

A fabulous belt making extreme workouts a pleasurable experience

This is a huge 20" x 62" running surface adding 2" in length to the standard sized treadbelt that is in vogue; it's a surface that can give any high end model a run for its money. Taller users and people with a wider stance will benefit by running on this more comfortable and safer treadbelt.

Cushioning delivers a forgiving surface

Yet another feature that is a major unique selling proposition for this treadmill - a forgiving surface with excellent cushioning that one can easily observe in treadmills double this price.

Good number of preset programs for variety and challenge

A vast choice of 30 preset programs adds value to your workout. Inclines max at 15% helping you enjoy challenging outdoor slopes; all this represents great support for improving muscle tone and promoting healthier calorie burn.

Warranty is really impressive

Not many brands, even in their high end models, offer this kind of warranty. Labor is covered for 2 years, parts are covered for 7 years, and the motor and frame are covered for life - you don't need any further evidence of commitment on the part of the manufacturer, and the quality highlighted in critical components.

This is a folding treadmill

This is a nice and neat folding treadmill having compact dimensions measuring 84"L x 34"W x 15"H which should comfort users that are constrained by cramped homes.

Solid treadmill that can take bigger users

The unit itself weighs 250 pounds and bigger sized and weightier users clocking up to 375 pounds can safely use this machine without straining its motor and drive system.

Factors that make you look before you leap...

Cost issues

Topping $1,700 may be just a little too much for the routine home budget but if you can cobble up the pennies and buy this model you will be making a solid investment in a machine that will stand by you through good times and rough weather.

Cost wise and feature wise the Smooth 8.35 is as good as the Smooth 7.35 without changing any parameter significantly, so you could save at least $200 by deciding on the 7.35.

No online connectivity and Google race track simulation

Smooth may have downed their ratings a bit by missing out on iFit Live technology which is an integral part of so many competitive Icon models.

The final word

At $1,699 you are getting high quality parts and super longevity but this model placed midway between two competing products - the Smooth 7.35 and the Smooth 9.65LC - doesn't add anything extra to stake a claim to uniqueness. This leaves you with two options - save $200 and opt for the 7.35 that promises the same quality, or spend $300 more for the 9.65LC that offers improved features.

Not a bad choice but not a great choice either. We would either step down or up in the Smooth lineup.