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Smooth 8.35 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

A strong model but we would go with the 7.35 or 9.65LC if you like this one.

Overall Quality

At $1,699 you are getting high quality parts and super longevity but this model placed midway between two competing products - the Smooth 7.35 and the Smooth 9.65LC - doesn't add anything extra to stake a claim to uniqueness. This leaves you with two options - save $200 and opt for the 7.35 that promises the same quality, or spend $300 more for the 9.65LC that offers improved features. Not a bad choice but not a great choice either. We would either step down or up in the Smooth lineup.


Walking Area 9.2
Power 7.5
Cushioning 6.8
Reliability 6.9
Noise Level 6.4
Quality 6.9
Value 5.9
Warranty 9.1

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