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Smooth 7.35 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The updated 7.35 makes for a strong treadmill at the $1500 price point and was a strong contender for the best buy award.

Smooth 7.35 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.35

Smooth is a company that is extremely focused on mass marketing their treadmills through massive retailing networks like Sears and Amazon and their own website. You get the feeling that the company is pulling out all stops to score a great first impression, as they invariably load their models with an impressive array of features backed by stable frame designs.

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill

You have a folding treadmill with a 3.25 HP motor that is being sold even at higher price points

In the $1,000-$1,499 price range 2.5 HP motors are standard features, and getting 3.25HP definitely adds more value for money. User satisfaction is higher because the motor and drive components combine flawlessly, with tolerable noise levels, providing a great workout on a smooth running area, even at speeds touching 12 mph.

This is a trustworthy machine that scores not only in looks and design but also in performance.

A spacious 20" x 60" belt that will make serious runners breathe easier

Getting such a spacious running area is a bonus especially when you have adequate motor support and quality drive components that make professional running an enviable experience on this TM.

Im-pression cushioning will please regular runners

The impact cushioning feature responds positively to the landing front feet and pushing rear feet, protecting you from joint and back injury. Extreme runners needing superior cushioning features will have to spend more.

25 Workout Programs for variety and challenge

For variety and challenge users have 25 treadmill programs to choose from, adding value to the TM. Inclines up to 15% help you recreate challenging outdoor slopes; additional support for improving muscle tone and maintaining a healthier calorie burn rate.

Warranty is impressive and reassuring

It's lifetime for frame and motor, 7 years for parts and 2 years for labor removing any apprehension a serious user may harbor regarding the reliability of the product and the company's sincerity in backing its machine.

Factors that make you look before you leap...

Cushioning needs improvement but you really get what you pay for

Professional runners on the lookout for better shock and impact protection in the cushioning department have to pay more money by moving to superior models.

Somewhat limited application for bigger runners

Unit weight is 230 pounds and maximum user weight is claimed to be 350 pounds but realistically speaking, users over 300 pounds exceeding two hours of daily usage at least three or more times a week may be straining the TM. In extreme usage exercisers may need to move to a treadmill in higher price point.

No online connectivity and race track simulation

The iFit Live technology is an attractive feature of Icon treadmills, and Smooth, by avoiding this feature, is missing out on a great opportunity to add value to their machine. Is Smooth losing out in the technology boom?

The final word

Smooth, as a space saving folding treadmill that is giving the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 a run for its money, does not disappoint users aiming to enter the $1,000-$1,499 range. It is a nicely designed, aesthetically pleasing model that satisfyingly meets user expectations.

Great fit and finish and a beautiful design. One of the best $1500 treadmills on the market and well worth considering.